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Hardware & Networking

GNTC puts information at your fingertips wherever you are through effective networking. With cables, switches, hubs, gateways, network interface cards, etc, our expertise in hardware and networking enables us to customize networking to your unique requirements, making for quick and smooth flow of information in your organization.

● Structured Cabling

● Network design, installation and administration

● Wireless Solutions

Panasonic’s Hybrid IP PBX system is a powerful communications tool designed to support businesses in today’s Converged Networking age. Reflecting on Panasonic’s 20 years as a leader in the field, the Hybrid IP PBX system merges PBX functions and reliability with IP technology. The result is a high-performance business communication system that provides advanced telephone messaging solutions, efficient and flexible communications, Wireless Mobility, IP Networking capability, Voice-Over IP, and seamless integration with your PC through plug-n-play USB Connection. In line with Panasonic’s commitment to user-friendly operation, the Hybrid IP PBX system is easy to use even without a lot of IP experience.